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Twister Helmet optional for all players. 

This helmet when purchased through TWISTERS includes the helmet, mask, chin strap.

Helmet designs are determined by availability per year. All Information and Payment needed before orders are placed on-line. 

Any Questions on Helmets, go to our Spirit Wear Site Page.


Please mark SIZE WANTED AS -

Junior  – (6 3/8-7 1/8) 20 - 22.28 inches

Senior – (6 7/8-7 5/8)  21.5 - 24 inches

Measure the circumference of your head. Put the measuring tape about 1 cm above your eyebrows and go all the way round your head in an even loop.

Wisconsin Twisters offers an wide variety of Spirit Wear items. By clicking on the above, you may download order form.  

Sales take place each new fall and spring season..


All orders will be totaled, ordered, and then decorated. When complete they will be distributed at a team meeting or practice.  


They will NOT be shipped to your home.


example below...will be updated and posted annually


Follow steps below:


1) go to


2) type in sales code (Sales code changes per sale and will be posted as they become available)

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